Pastors' Coffee

June 24th, 2018

Pastors' Coffee is an opportunity to sit down with Pastors David and Dustin, along with other new folks like yourself at the Oasis to get to know each other and the church.


Financial Peace University

August 5th, 2018

$49 - $99

Beginning the week of August 5, we are taking all our home churches through Financial Peace University! It's a 9-week curriculum that will help you build your savings, get out of debt and invest in the future!

We'll be hosting this study in our home churches, so no need to commit to extra time throughout your already busy week.

If you've never been through FPU before, the cost is $99 per family unit. Married couples can share a kit as they also share their budget. This includes the workbook and a one-year subscription to all of Dave Ramsey's budgeting tools including the Envelope System and their money managing app EveryDollar.

If you've been through the class before and have a 13-week course workbook (which we used the last time Oasis home churches went through FPU), you get access to a discounted rate of $49/kit. This also includes a one-year subscription to the online resources mentioned above.

If you plan to attend, please register for one of the three attendee types.

Notes: If married, you don't need to register both parties as this registration page is strictly for book purchasing purposes. The date listed only reflects the time the first group will begin. Groups will be ongoing through August and September, meeting on different nights of the week.

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Potter's Wheel Retreat

September 14th - September 16th, 2018


United Christian Youth Camp (UCYC) is located in beautiful Prescott, AZ, surrounded by the Prescott National Forest at 5300' elevation. For more information on the camp, visit them at UCYC.com

The retreat will be begin with a short talk on Friday evening, September 14th, at 7:00pm with the main portion of the retreat occurring on Saturday and Sunday. There will be time for recreation and all meals on Saturday and Sunday will be provided.

Lodging will be cabin-style, males and females separate.

After hearing talks from Pastor David Gainey, attendees will break into small groups to discuss how what they're learning is impacting them.

For more information call the church office.

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Potter's Wheel

September 19th - September 23rd, 2018


Potter's Wheel can transform your life, relationships, thoughts, ability to feel and view of God. In Potter's Wheel, you'll learn how we bear the image of God, how sin has marred that image and how God restores broken people. You'll learn four ways we reflect the image of God and how each of these capacities has been corrupted by our experience in a fallen world. You'll spend time each morning learning about the four capacities and each afternoon exploring what we've learned through an experiential lab called "soul care."

Parenting from the Heart Marriage Retreat

October 12th - October 14th, 2018